Once Upon a Theatre was created by Ashley Lambert-Maberly and is dedicated to creating new musical theatre works, shows with a sense of wonder, beauty, and magic that draw inspiration from the world's best tales, fables, and legends.

In March 1999, our first show Beyond the Meadow told the Sleeping Beauty story while exploring the wonder of being alive, free to choose, and full of possibilities. The critics raved: the Sun called it a “Broadway-style musical extravaganza” which should move to the large house of the Ford Theatre, while the Courier heralded it a “modern beauty” and praised its “extremely varied original songs.” >/p>

In December 1999, our second production Rumpelstiltskin’s Childrentold the story of three children who escape a cheerless existence in search of home, love, and family. Children were breathless as the story unfolded, while adults delighted in the humour and wit. The Sun enjoyed the performances, and praised the “pleasing pop songs” which gave this show “many of the same charms as Beyond the Meadow.” >/p>

In March 2000 we presented Beautiful: the Romance of Cupid and Psyche, our most ambitious musical yet. It was a moving tale of love, destiny, doom, and redemption. The score, as befits the title, was breathtaking, and the superb production exceeded all our expectations (VTV even compared Beautiful to the LiveEnt's large touring productions at the Ford Theatre (Ragtime etc.) and concluded we were just as good. They're right. We were.)>/p>

In December 2000 we presented In Pursuit of Porridge. Goldilocks, bears, enchanters, and rival breakfast eateries collided in another hilarious fractured fairy tale.>/p>

In May 2014, after a long hiatus, we finally premiered Lucia, based on the popular E.F. Benson comic novels.

But most of our time is taken up producing the semi-annual Broadway Chorus productions, beginning in June 2000 with Saturday Night and Sunday; the Broadway Chorus takes existing songs and envelopes them with an original script, and features an ongoing repetory company of performers that audiences look forward to revisiting twice each year.

We look forward to your attendance at future Once Upon a Theatre shows.

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