The story of the Sleeping Beauty has long been of interest to composer/lyricist Ashley Lambert-Maberly.

The tale by Charles Perrault (La Belle au Bois Dormant) is perhaps the most famous instance of the sleeping beauty story, but in one form or another it has existed for over a thousand years, and occurs in several different cultures.

More recent interpretations of the sleeping beauty story include the unforgettable Tchaikovsky ballet (especially the presentation by the Ballet Russes with costumes by Leon Bakst), the gorgeous Disney film with some of the finest backgrounds and art direction of any animated film, and clever, moving, and witty novelistic treatments by such authors as Sherri S. Tepper (Beauty), and James Branch Cabell (The High Place).

For this retelling, Ashley wanted to explore motivations behind the cryptic figures who occupied this fairy tale. Why would a fairy, no matter how wicked, place such a curse upon a helpless child? How would it affect you, knowing you were doomed to die at 16--or would you even be told?

Beyond the Meadow

© Ashley Lambert-Maberly