Following in the tradition of The Music Man's Meredith Wilson, Ashley Lambert-Maberly is that rare triple threat: he wrote the book, lyrics, and composed the music for Beyond the Meadow.

Beyond the Meadow is almost entirely sung, meaning Lambert-Maberly had to compose nearly two hours of material. "And without reprises," he explains, "except at the very end of the show. Quite often shows from, say, the 1940s have perhaps only one or two new songs in Act II, but due to the constraints of telling the story through music, we've got new material all the way through. In fact, the most beautiful songs in this show are in Act II."

"I wanted to differentiate musically between the human characters in the play, and those who are fairies," he adds. "The human characters sing love songs, and power ballads, comic turns, all very much traditional Broadway fare. The fairies, on the other hand, sing songs with a much more contemporary feel to them: several rock and pop-influenced songs."

Lambert-Maberly has also written the musical Rumpelstiltskin's Children, most recently produced by the Salt Spring Centre, and is the author of several plays including Vacancy and Taming the Broken Fingernail, a Victoria Fringe Festival success. He is currently at work on Beautiful, a retelling of the Cupid & Psyche myth, and also In Pursuit of Porridge, a show for children, based on the story of Goldilocks & the Three Bears.

Beyond the Meadow

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