Once, long ago ...

In a distant kingdom ...

A King and Queen looked about their empty palace and wanted something more.

So begins Beyond the Meadow, the true tale of the Sleeping Beauty. It's a familiar tale, but never before has it been told from the special perspective of the Wicked Fairy.

In our story the King and Queen, desperate for a child of their own, enter into a dangerous bargain with the Wicked Fairy Carabosse. All Carabosse asks in return for a child is a single invitation to the christening, but the King and Queen are fearful and fail to invite her.

All the other fairies of the forest are invited to celebrate the Christening, and bring fabulous magical presents for baby girl: gifts of beauty, courage, innocence, strength. When the very last fairy is about to present her gift, Carabosse makes an unexpected appearance.

At first the Wicked Fairy claims all is forgiven, that she intends to enjoy herself. But soon, too soon, it becomes apparent that she has a twisted revenge in mind. As the infant princess lies sleeping, Carabosse raises her wand, a twisted, ancient spindle, and lays a terrible spell on the princess ...

... the adventure continues

Enjoy the surprising twists and turns of Beyond the Meadow. Witness ungrateful fairies, sadistic love spells, grumbling servants, and a princess who more than anything else wants to know that she belongs. It's a passionate, glamourous, magical world ... when you go Beyond the Meadow.

Beyond the Meadow

© Ashley Lambert-Maberly