Broadway Chorus

In addition to the photos scattered around this site, here are some of my favourite shots of the Chorus in action.

The bus to Lilloet ... with a stop at Lower Joffre Lake, below Mount Matier (Climb Every Other Mountain, 2014)

The residents welcome the new arrivals to the valley on the mountain (Climb Every Other Mountain, 2014)

Hildegarde, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, reveals that Patience is for ugly people (Climb Every Other Mountain, 2014)

The Tale of the Musician ... who only played one note (Climb Every Other Mountain, 2014)

And Timothy tells a reassuring story of his own. (Climb Every Other Mountain, 2014)

The Lady (in gold) vows to rejoin the living, in "The New World" (Climb Every Other Mountain, 2014)

Grosvenor arrives with Lucia's luggage (Lucia, 2014)

Daisy has acquired a Guru (Guru, that's Yoga for "teacher") (Lucia, 2014)

Lucia leads the Beginner's Yoga Class (Lucia, 2014)

There's never a dull day when you talk about your neighbours (Lucia, 2014)

Piggy and Goosey get up to all sorts of mischief (Lucia, 2014)

Olga's party, fun and games, just a romp, really (Lucia, 2014)

At the seance, Amadeo disturbs the peace (Lucia, 2014)

Georgie's sleep is troubled by a disturbing dream (Lucia, 2014)

Lady Ambermere is not fond of parties (Lucia, 2014)

Finley celebrates that his newspaper-reading skills have finally proven helpful (Fraulein J's Camp for Children, 2013)

The children exchange scary stories around the campfire (Fraulein J's Camp for Children, 2013)

Charlie (and her puppet) may win the Spelling Bee ... if Morgan misspells "creosote" (Fraulein J's Camp for Children, 2013)

Unusually, our romantic leads are also our villains ... and not seen until Act Two! (Fraulein J's Camp for Children, 2013)

Fraulein J and her counsellors explain the many rules of camp (Fraulein J's Camp for Children, 2013)

Avery exudes positivity and a can-do attitude (Fraulein J's Camp for Children, 2013)

West Shaughnessy Dale's favourite madame offers Daphne a job (Dunce Upon a Time, 2013)

Jane's viola hands make her a perfect match for the instrument (Dunce Upon a Time, 2013)

Have you met the Moose Sisters? You'd likely remember (Dunce Upon a Time, 2013)

Daphne's a bit of a drama queen (Dunce Upon a Time, 2013)

The Gods must be angry (Dunce Upon a Time, 2013)

Two soloists performing "Rise Above" (Dunce Upon a Time, 2013)

A revolutionary costume is hard to accessorise (Dunce Upon a Time, 2013)

Ah, those Mormons and their fierce fighting spirit (Dunce Upon a Time, 2013)

The Gods will prove no match against the Revolutionary Army (Dunce Upon a Time, 2013)

The lovely fairies, tra la la-ing in Fairyland (There's Something About Fairy, 2012)

Queen Mary the Fairy did something wrong once (There's Something About Fairy, 2012)

Torturing pigeons, the rats of the sky (There's Something About Fairy, 2012)

Fashion's not about sitting, it's dancing! (There's Something About Fairy, 2012)

Francine's last moment of happiness before her roomates spring the bad news (There's Something About Fairy, 2012)

Greta's fairy story is sure to make her a famous media darling (There's Something About Fairy, 2012)

Sadly, not selling very well on (There's Something About Fairy, 2012)

Zoe Dingleberry, Candarian Demon Hunter (There's Something About Fairy, 2012)

Performing "Fireflies" during the finale (There's Something About Fairy, 2012)

The opening number "Forget You" explodes with energy (War and Geese, 2012)

We meet the three slutty madwomen of Camp Tlakachioken (War and Geese, 2012)

Stacking Chorus Members during "Together Wherever We Go" (War and Geese, 2012)

The tourists have arrived for their walking tour of this world heritage site (War and Geese, 2012)

Lucky the alchemist works her memory-shredding magic (War and Geese, 2012)

Sadly, the Russians have invaded Saskatchewan (War and Geese, 2012)

The Queen consults her iPad as her husband, son, and daughter-in-law interject (War and Geese, 2012)

A game of Skidoo should settle who gets to take over the country (War and Geese, 2012)

The men master their yoga-inspired dance routine (War and Geese, 2012)

Abba and Sabba wend their way to Santa's Workshop (Another Elfing Musical, 2011)

The finest wood elves in the kingdom gather to judge the children of mankind (Another Elfing Musical, 2011)

Nailing the dance moves in "Brotherhood of Man" (Another Elfing Musical, 2011)

Synergy Communications presents their second pitch for the Socks campaign (Another Elfing Musical, 2011)

The second Mrs Claus and her Jingle Ladies (Another Elfing Musical, 2011)

And of course, a special appearance by Santa, who's smaller than you might think (he has to fit down the chimney, doesn't he?) (Another Elfing Musical, 2011)

Myrna Cosgrove White is miffed at spending her afterlife with riff-raff (The Ghost Man Always Rings Twice, 2011)

Lily and Myrna long for the days when they were alive, and in Syracuse (The Ghost Man Always Rings Twice, 2011)

Madame Ortega prays to the divine force that is Oprah (The Ghost Man Always Rings Twice, 2011)

The ghosts spook householder Artesia Shoemaker (The Ghost Man Always Rings Twice, 2011)

Abba's "The Visitors" provides for a rousing dance number (The Ghost Man Always Rings Twice, 2011)

As the living stage a seance, Jane and Jessica ponder the fate of elephants (The Ghost Man Always Rings Twice, 2011)

Ready to set sail on the Love Sub (Sub Plots, 2010)

Doing the Hula in Goona Goona Lagoon (Sub Plots, 2010)

The Lagoon is most famous for its predatory mermaid population (Sub Plots, 2010)

Domestic drama: Miss Jellyfish and Mr Manta Ray are upsetting the octopi (Sub Plots, 2010)

All hail Acario, King of Atlantis (Sub Plots, 2010)

The Vizier advises spinster Cefalgia that she is not the chosen bride (Sub Plots, 2010)

Conjoined twins tap routine: the finale (Sub Plots, 2010)

The loving couple, each plotting to kill the other (Sub Plots, 2010)

Love is in the Air: a happy ending! (Sub Plots, 2010)

It's Transylvania's only modern musical theatre group (Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, 2010)

The drag queens perform "Pokerface" (Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, 2010)

Not so happy about the vampires next door (Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, 2010)

Priscilla's hypnotic voice sends all into a trance (Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, 2010)

Fiona, Fiona, and Fiona are ready to be rescued (Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, 2010)

The troupe rehearses "Omigod You Guys" (Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, 2010)

Carlotta Castafiore, shortly before her death (Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, 2010)

Carlotta Castafiore, shortly after her death (Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, 2010)

Priscilla, Queen of the Damned herself, with friend (Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, 2010)

Buffet! (Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, 2010)

Carlotta and Ruprecht the Monster settle for each other (Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, 2010)

Vampire threat averted, the troupe presents their rendition of Bombay Dreams (Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, 2010)

Pigs knows how to relax (The Moo-sical, 2009)

Ducks are the epitome of good taste (The Moo-sical, 2009)

Sheep know how to have fun! (The Moo-sical, 2009)

Chelsea Chicken's 1st unsuccessful flying attempt (The Moo-sical, 2009)

The unlikely romance of a cow and a chicken (The Moo-sical, 2009)

Chelsea finally takes off (The Moo-sical, 2009)

The velociraptors beg to stay on the farm (The Moo-sical, 2009)

Ah, the many joys of Philadelphia (The Moo-sical, 2009)

Beware Dr. Gordo's molecular paleontologists! (The Moo-sical, 2009)

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