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How to Bury a Millionaire, June 17-20

Robert Montague is dead, and the Montagues (North America's third wealthiest family) have come to mourn his loss. Oh, who are we kidding? They just want to find out who gets all his stuff! But his will comes with some unusual stipulations. Our 30th show (woohoo!) features a panoply of great songs, from long ago shows like Music in the Air, to brand new Broadway like Bridges of Madison County.

Climb Every Other Mountain, December 10-13

A couple yearns for a child, a child grieves for his mother, a husband leaves his wife, and a wife leaves her family. Their one thing in common? They're all searching for their happiness ... and there may just be a lady in a castle in a valley on a mountain who can provide it, if only they can find her. Our band of adventurers travelled all the way from Vancouver to slightly outside of Vancouver in this touching tale of a Father and son trying to forge a new life together, with the help of friends new and old, and of course one magical woman. Featuring songs from very recent shows (Rocky,Big Fish, and others) this musical moved audiences to tears in our most poignant production to date. Climb Every Other Mountain starred Yvonne Connors as the Lady, Ashley Lambert-Maberly as the Father, Finnian Young as the Son, and Erin Robertson as Violet, the Woman Who Never Smiled.


Lucia is special: it's the Broadway Chorus's first fully original musical, and the first from composer Ashley Lambert-Maberly since he hatched three in a row at the turn of the century.

Set in England in the 1920s, this comic musical features the misadventures of Lucia as she attempts to assert supremacy over her neighbours, a challenge that may prove impossible when a famed opera singer moves to town. Lucia, as Mrs Emmeline Lucas would prefer to be known, has for years reigned as the unacknowledged leader over such friends as fad-mad Daisy, grumpy Lady Ambermere, and doting Georgie. She sets her sights on Daisy's recently acquired Guru, and wins him over with great success. But Olga Bracely, internationally-acclaimed diva, may not prove as easy a victim. And hanging over it all is the great inevitability of the Garden party on Friday ... will be a triumph or a disgrace? Time will tell!

Fraulein J's Camp for Children

Fraulein J's Camp for Children is in trouble. She's losing money, and developers are champing at the bit to get their hands on her prime piece of real estate. But the children, once they've warmed to the place, hatch a plan to save her and the camp they've grown to love.

With swings, bubbles, a spelling bee, and a sexy striptease for two, this second sequel (There's Something About Fairy was our first) was a charming tone poem, especially springing to life once the villains of the piece arrived (as is so often the case!).

Dunce Upon a Time

Pity the poor neighbourhood of West Shaughnessy Dale: it may be exclusive, but it's under a spell. Or a curse. or something--they're not sure, but they sense something's wrong.

Our 26th show features 36 performers, a four person orchestra, and some big, big songs from such shows as Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, The Book of Mormon, and Catch Me if You Can.

There's Something About Fairy

A milestone: Our 25th show! Poor Terry the Fairy discovers her greatest fear is actually true: she's a changeling! But a trip to the human world soon proves she doesn't fit in there any more than she had back home. Our silver anniversary show featured Craftercise, Candarian Demons, Supermodels, and fireflies in a jar, and made for a truly magical evening.

Memorable musical moments included a makeover set to Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory," the Tom Lehrer classic "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park," and saddest song ever, "Misery" from the musical Cry-Baby.

War and Geese

Problems at home? Boss treating you badly? Get away from it all, with a stay at the Canadian Foreign Legion, where all your troubles will become but a misty memory. Fight for Team Brawn, or join Team Brains, and outwit your enemy. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the woods. But whatever you do, keep the North Gate locked ... or beware the consequences!

This musical adventure featured songs from old favourites like Follies and The Wiz, forgotten gems like Flora, the Red Menace or Bugsy, and some fresh pop hits to keep you on your toes.

Another Elfing Musical

There are limited choices for young elves in search of a rewarding career: shoemaker's aid, dairy assistant, maybe even a life in a hollow tree churning out cookies. The best and the brightest of elves have their hearts set on a life spent in Santa's magical workshop, creating toys for human children ... but for some reason Santa only hires the worst elves in the world. Between the lax work force, the dictatorial wood elves who run the Mail Room, and the oversupply of socks, would this be the worst Christmas ever?

The Ghost Man Always Rings Twice

New York apartments always have something wrong with them: the air conditioning's on the fritz, the kitchen's too small, or maybe there are a couple of dozen ghosts haunting the place ... but it's worth it for the view! Our haunting tale of love lost and found, Oprah's book club, and Top Chef featured songs from shows rarely heard from, like Violet, Toxic Avenger: the Musical, and 70 Girls, 70, so it made for an evening of unfamiliar, unexpected surprises, and was also unexpectedly moving, as the ghosts sought to find their purpose and receive their ultimate reward: to be brought to the light.

Sub Plots

Love, exciting and new ... come aboard ... we're expecting you! Yes, the Love Sub (the world's first and finest luxury sub cruise experience) was once again filled with passengers eager for romance, and certain to find it in the most unlikely of places. The Love Sub visited the Mermaid's Lagoon, the Octopus's Garden, and the Lost City of Atlantis (some surcharges for shore excursions may apply). We saw a happy ending for every romance, and heard a lot of music and madness along the way. Our 21st production featured songs such as "There, Right There!" from Legally Blonde and "Nobody's Side" from Chess.

Priscilla, Queen of the Damned

June on Granville Island can be kind of scary, especially at the Waterfront! In our most successful production (sold out every night!) Transylvania's only modern musical theatre group battled the undead in this uproarious mashup up of musicals and monsters. It takes a queen to fight a queen, so when the Vampire Queen next door abducts the second soprano section, a trio of cross-dressing crowd-pleasers turn hero and wage war. Songs from such shows as Legally Blonde, Shrek the Musical, and Bombay Dreams enlivened the proceedings, with audiences especially digging a dragalicious "Poker Face."

The Moo-sical

In December 2009 we went down to the farm. Yup, Broadway went Barnyard, and these animals had something to sing about. With more Melodrama than Melrose Place, more mystery than CSI: Wherever, and definitely more music than Glee, this new 'dairy tale' told the heart tugging story of a chicken with something to prove, the cow who loves her, and the biological research lab down the road that spells trouble with a capital 'T'. It featured songs from shows such as The Music Man, A New Brain, and pop hits from Elton John, Bryan Adams, and more!

The Supermusical

From June 17-20, we indulged in our first sci-fi musical: The Supermusical!. What a delight to play to sold-out audiences, laughing their heads off at the antics of the Handbagler, Mesmerettes, and the aliens from Aganju. Songs came from such unlikely sources as Hair, Billy Elliot, and In the Heights (we were hypnotized into thinking we were part of the New York latino community!.

The plot was roughly this: fashion legend Lance LeCroix earned super-powers during an industrial accident, and became the crime-fighting superhero Statman. He joined forces with a superhero support group, learned the best ways to thwart evil (and stand out in a crowd), but eventually heroes and villains alike had to coordinate their efforts to save the earth from conniving aliens.

Annie Get Your Nun

From December 11-13, we presented a mash-up of The Sound of Music, Annie, Sister Act, and Chicago, as plucky orphan Annie becomes nanny to the middle-aged Von Trapp children. We had nuns on the run, plumbers in disguise, mysterious mothers, and of course terrific music from shows like Young Frankenstein, The Witches of Eastwick, Mary Poppins, and more!

Young orphan Annie sets out to find a mother for the children, but unusual visitors from the Vatican and a surprising return from the dead threaten to unravel her plans. Will Annie triumph? Is the Pope Catholic? Find out now!

What Not to Wish: A Slightly Wicked Musical

In June 2008 we whisked you to Xanadu itself, where the monarch is lousy and the peasants are revolting, literally. Junior witch Mildred is mad for the King's second cousin, so the senior witches plot to stall their relationship with deadly curses. There's strife, there's struggle, there's fashion advice from TLC's Stacy and Clinton, there's a barbarian florist, and even tribal pantheistic hippies. Highlights included a hilarious rendition of "Circle of Life," the dancetastic tapathon "Step in Time," and a sexy "Dreamgirls" performed by five fake princesses plotting revolution (it was that kind of show)!

Anne Murray of Green Gables

In December, 2007, we presented the perennially favourite tale of hardworking PEI folk adopting a new young 'un ... only this time she's a middle-aged pop star. Will the Cuthbert family finally win that talent contest they're always losing to the Lynde family? Not if the Lyndes can help it, as they scheme to adopt a pop star of their own. We featured songs from Broadway's latest musicals The Pirate Queen, The Wedding Singer, Mary Poppins, and The Drowsy Chaperone, and some old favourites from Oliver and My Fair Lady.

Misplaced, the Musical

Taking jabs at everything from LOST to SURVIVOR to Paris Hilton  with a bit of Gilligan's Island thrown in for good measure  our June 2006 show told the tale of the impoverished residents of Port Apotti who, thanks to a fluke lottery win, embark on the trip of a lifetime through the great capitals of Europe. But they have some unexpected company in the form of their resentful neighbours, who manage to follow them to France, Florence and beyond in an effort to steal their jewels until an unexpected shipwreck puts everyone in jeapardy.

A Kitsmas Carol

Our December 2006 show was an updating of the perennial Christmas classic, as miserly S.C. Rooge, yoga pants manufacturer, is taken on a musical guided tour of the past, present, and future, with songs from Broadway, the movies, pop hits, and beloved seasonal favourites (and that song from Band-Aid!)

Don't Make Me Laugh

In June at the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island we raised the bar yet again with Don't Make Me Laugh!, a two act Broadway extravaganza. We took some old classics, and many new hits from current shows like Urinetown, and Wicked, and somehow these disparate songs from several musicals magically combined to tell the uproarious tale of a housewarming gone fatally wrong (in Act One), and we exposed the secrets of the Broadway Chorus' backstage hijinks in Act Two.


In December we presented Pop!Rocks at the Presentation House theatre, a one act musical revue of great popular songs, staged as only the Broadway Chorus would dare to! Audiences especially delighted in the male members of the Chorus performing Robbie Williams's "Angels," a quartet of women singing Sarah McLachlan's similary titled "Angel," and the entire chorus's big disco dance production of "Disco Inferno".

One Day / One Life

In June at the Waterfront saw our most spectacular show ever, a two-act musical revue. We had props! Sets! Costumes! Act One was a hilarious send-up of life in an office (with tap-dancing typewriters, and a speciality broom dance!) and Act Two was a touching delineation of songs from birth to day and beyond. We performed songs from shows such as Songs for a New World, Wicked, West Side Story, and from dozens more great Broadway hits.

Movies and More!

Our December show was a bit of a departure ... we focussed on great songs from the silver screen, from films such as Goldfinger, and Chicago, and also revisited some Broadway classics, with a couple of suprises from the small screen as well. We restaged Flashdance, went folksy for A Mighty Wind, did some "Walking in Memphis," and eventually "We Put the Spring in Springfield," for yet another triumph and a fun, music-filled start to the holiday season..

Broadway Dreams (and Broken Promises)

We're a hit! It was great to see sold-out crowds at our June show at the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island. Whether we were portraying prostitutes, homeless men, 1950s lovers, or hopeful showbiz wannabees, we had a blast with our latest revue, featuring songs from such shows as A Chorus Line, Little Shop of Horrors, Follies, Chicago, and Grease. Big hits were the parade of "Beautiful Girls," the antics of thos who thought they had "Class," the show-stopping "Skid Row," and (we can't believe it came together) the rousing drinking anthem "Here's to Love!"

Good Guys Bad Guys

Well, we did it again! Everybody loved Good Guys/Bad Guys at Presentation House, December 15th and 16th. This musical revue featured some rousing numbers like "Deep Down Inside" from Little Me and "Veronique" (On the 20th Century), beautiful ballads like "World Apart" (Big River), and lots more from shows such as Thoroughly Modern Millie and Victor/Victoria. Our featured "soloettes" medly was a big hit with the crowd, as was "King of Broadway" from The Producers, and an outstanding solo of "Proud of Your Boy," cut from the movie Aladdin.

Planet Broadway

Planet Broadway's over, but it totally rocked during its brief tenure at the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island last June 25-28. Audiences loved our musical tour around the world (especially our cowpoke sequence) and our dancing was better than ever, whether grooving to the 60s vibe of "Soul Bossa Nova," or breaking out the Fosse in "Steam Heat." Highlights included "Roxie" with Lynda's Shioya's exuberant tap break, the unexpected pleasure of "Mamma Mia" and its surprising staging, and Suzie Lee's spectacular solo of "Always a Bridesmaid" stopped the show nightly.

Easy Street

Our December 2002 show blended sensational show tunes and seasonal favourites, with a bit of a bias towards songs about that most glamorous of Broadway subjects, transportation. We performed "Wheels of a Dream," "Sleigh Ride," "I'd Rather Be Sailing," and many others.

Song About Laughter, Loneliness, and Love

Our big show for June 2002 was a great success. Highlights included the world's first girl-gang staging of "Three Little Maids" (The Mikado), the razzmatazz of "All I Care About" (Chicago), the poignant *and* funny "Sleeping on Our Own" (Martin Guerre), and the ever-popular strippers from "You Gotta Get a Gimmick" (Gypsy). Among the 30+ numbers were songs from Seussical the Musical, The Producers, Weird Romance, and Jerry's Girls--we love exposing audiences to works they may not have heard before.

Home for the Holidays

The Broadway Chorus' first December concert was a lot of fun for us: we included show tunes, secular and sacred Christmas carols, and Chanukah songs, in a one-night only production that was as much party as concert. We had so much fun, we're doing it again next year!

The Anne Murray Christmas Special

The Broadway Chorus was thrilled to be included in the Anne Murray "What a Wonderful Christmas" special, taped at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre in downtown Vancouver. The Chorus performed an a capella version of "The Coventry Carol" (unfortunately cut for time), then joined Anne in singing "I'll Be Home for Christmas" and "Joy to the World", the triumphant opening number. We had a great if exhausting time. Anne was also joined by guests Leahy and Diana Krall (we didn't meet Diana Krall, but the Leahy folks were very nice, as was Anne herself, of course!)

Now and Then: A Century of Song

In June 2001, Now and Then: A Century of Song gave audiences a retrospective of old and new Broadway, including comic treatments of "Repent" (On the Twentieth Century) and "Wunderbar" (Kiss Me Kate), recent show tune hits "Shadowland" (The Lion King) and "Ragtime" (Ragtime), and solo performances of "Unusual Way" (Nine) and "You Can Always Count on Me" (City of Angels).

Saturday Night and Sunday

In June 2000, Saturday Night and Sunday celebrated 75 years of Broadway musical hits while telling the tale of a night of revelry and romance among old friends and new friends, and the calm understanding that the next morning brings.

We welcome new singers to our group, so if you're interested in joining the Chorus don't hesitate to contact us. E-mail Ashley at or call him at 822-6319.